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Kingsbridge news One claim was that he would close the car park and restrict access to the beach. Mr Johnston says the estate was neglected under its previous ownership, Evans Estates. There was always the danger that a further piece of the estate had to be sold. That did happen over a long period of time until there was hardly enough left for it to be sold as an estate. So we have bought back several bits, including the house that I live in, and one or two other bits of land or property, to try to make sure we keep the estate holistic and give it a self-sufficient form. There will be opportunities where small scale development does exist. With the help of countryside stewardship cash and the approval of Natural England, the harm is now being reversed. Bantham Beach in South Devon Mr Johnston raised the ire of opponents when he published proposals last year to build 21 houses, an underground car park and a beach club. The plan has now been approved by a local referendum and, if accepted by the Government, will be adopted as the planning framework for the area.

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Picture postcards in the United States began with the souvenir issues sold at the World Columbian Exposition in Chicago in The hobby of postcard collecting began soon after and continued unabated until the beginning of World War I. With that event, the postcard album, a book second in importance only to the family Bible, suddenly vanished from the parlor. The Columbian Exposition cards proved to be so successful, that publishers in other parts of the country were emboldened to issue views featuring large cities, historic landmarks and popular vacation resorts.

Like the exposition cards, these were also well received, despite the fact that the federal government subjected them to the full-letter postage rate of two cents while government-issued postals could be mailed at one cent. Public demand to use privately printed postcards became so great by , however, that Congress granted a concession and lowered the postage rate to a penny.

In Evelyn wrote an autobiography (Uphill, The First Stage in a Strenuous Life) which includes his experiences as a post card publisher and there is a detailed section on his publishing career in Picture Postcards and their Publishers by Anthony Byatt.

Lunch or brunch or something or other Wedding Party Shannon Lin – Maid of Honor Shannon and I have known each other since age 2, and this spot has been reserved for each other as soon as we figured out what maids of honor were. I also assert that I will have the same position in Shannon’s wedding over her sister, because well, I’ve known her longer. We were in the same small group and Anqi was always so real, asking pointed questions and challenging me.

Though distance has separated us after college, with Anqi staying in Pittsburgh and me moving to Houston, Anqi remains a close friend and sister, always doing a better job than me at keeping in touch. Oh yeah, and that time Joanna broke my finger. Since then, Karen had spent innumerable nights crashing at my house until she finally just decided to move in, and then a few years later, buy a house down the street. Megan Song – Bridesmaid Megan and I grew up together in Kentucky, and I was lucky enough to have her live with me when she matched to Houston for her residency.

It was then that I learned that being a germophobe was not something Megan would grow out of, and neither was her genuine spirit of loving those around her. Even though she moved to Chicago, we’ve still been able to see each other pretty regularly, mostly to travel to mutual friends’ weddings. Nicole Soliman – Bridesmaid Nicole and I met at work in Beaumont, but eventually decided our love for each other was too great to be confined to those walls.

Nicole eventually bought a house down the street from where I was renting, and I probably spent more waking hours there than my own room.

Bantham Beach, the future and the ‘anti-Johnston’ hate campaign

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Dating Valentine Postcards. Paris-Roubaix PRO pm, 23 October I may be preaching to the converted, but I was sent this website that shows how to tell .

Fiji was thoroughly disrupted by World War 2, and though of course postcards were sold from numerous outlets during that period, there was relatively less original photography produced by commercial firms. During the late s this picked up momentum and during the s much new work appeared, also utilising contemporary printing techniques. With the advent of wide-bodied jet aircraft in the s, tourism burgeoned and created a great demand for souvenirs, particularly postcards.

As well, colour technology improved, and there were a great number of new colour postcards produced. Many of the cards below were photographed by Roland R. Bolton Stinson, the founder of the original Stinsons Studios. The Stinson brothers were perhaps the most important of the post-war commercial photographers, as distinct from the unrivalled official photographer, Rob Wright. Like Rob, they recorded the scenery of Fiji and the life of the people of all ethnicities.

Roland was the principal photographer for Stinsons during the s and early s, after which he left Fiji and moved to Perth, Western Australia, to live.

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Dating of certain Topps issues can be tricky, especially from about through the start of reliable real-time hobby press monitoring around Once they started gushing forth an unrelenting river of test issues and products around the time they moved from Brooklyn to Duryea Winter of , which seemingly coincided with Woody Gelman attaining huge artistic street cred with his brief hiring of Robert Crumb also , the confusion really started.

Prior to mid , when they started the commodity code and later “T” numbered test system most of their testing was done with what became issued product, although sometimes tested in wrapper variants. Friend o’the Archive Lonnie Cummins is doing some fantastic work deciphering all the codes and I am not going to step on his work but every once in a while a piece pops up that makes one reconsider an issue date.

I don’t know why some of us obsess over the fact whether a card set came out in one year vs. In reality, some issues would span two years or more while three “seasons” Valentines Day, Hallowee’n, Christmas would be defined by staccato bursts of issues, themed ones for the first and second and then a combination of rebagged, rewrapped and bulk product for the second and third.

The Pillar Rock Salmon Cannery is located on the shore directly abreast of the Rock.” The older of the two is the “Boss Brand” label, dating from the s. The bewhiskered gent sporting the bowler is John T.M. Harrington, founder of the Pillar Rock Packing Company. The .

Page two shows additional inventory. Sign up now to get monthly updates. Unique Rustic Stands The legs and stretchers of these stands are white pine saplings that retain their whorled branch nubs, a creative design that we had not previously encountered. Each stand has a two-board pine top with a reddish clear finish, and a single drawer – a rare commodity in rustic stands. Each stand is signed intriguingly on the bottom of the drawer “A Product of The Ark by the Hand of Bacon” and the taller stand is also dated “July Drawers are a useful but rare commodity in antique rustic stands, making these ideal for bedside tables.

Hickory Console or Desk with optional Stool or Chair The base of this table is hickory poles and it has a two-board oak top and oak apron. Its narrow depth makes it ideal for use as a console with the opening turned inward in a hallway or behind a sofa, or it can be used as a desk, device charging station, telephone table or vanity with the opening facing outward and furnished with a stool or chair.

The Old Hickory stool has two tiers of hickory pole stretchers and its original rattan cane top, and the Old Hickory chair has a hickory pole frame and its original rattan cane seat and back. The table’s spindled base, which is always an attractive feature on hickory furniture. Songbird Carvings Three carved and painted birds – a Northern Parula warbler, a Northern Cardinal, and a White-breasted Nuthatch – are mounted on a piece of driftwood that naturally stands upright.

The shapes, sizes, and plumage colors of the birds are fairly accurately represented. Circa 26″ w, 7″ d, 8″ h What’s to love:

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Tweet In about , an immense landslide tumbles off Table Mountain in Skamania County and completely blocks the Columbia River, shoving it a mile off course. A lake forms behind the dam extending as far as miles. The river will eventually breach the dam causing a foot-deep flood downstream and creating the Cascades rapids.

This is the most recent of four documented slides in the square-mile Cascade Landslide Complex and will be called the Bonneville Landslide. Table Mountain consists of Columbia Basalt on top of a softer clay-filled formation. Fish and Wildlife Service Hill.

Valentine postcard dating. Type in your Valentine postcard’s serial number here: Associated pages. Home | How this site began | Bibliography | About me | My music | Admin | | Steve’s website | Orland family website. This is your first visit to my website today, thank you!

Fiona MacDonald Smith That’s right, you heard it here first. In New York, the most talked-about new opening of the past couple of months has been a Japanese restaurant called Hakata Tonton, where 33 out of the 39 dishes contain pigs’ feet. The reason for this, according to its owner, Himi Okajima, is that they are rich in collagen, the protein responsible for skin and muscle tone, more recognisable to beauty addicts in the form of face creams and fillers. If you begin eating collagen in your thirties, you will look younger in your forties.

Isn’t there a cheaper solution? Couldn’t eating the right foods, in the right way, be a simpler, and ultimately more long-term way to stay looking and feeling younger? In order to keep the DNA in good condition, you want to protect cells from harmful free radicals. And for this you need to eat fruit and vegetables, which contain vital anti-oxidants like vitamins A, C, E and zinc.

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The trail of ruined medieval abbeys points to a more tumultuous history, however, one that acknowledges the longstanding political, ecclesiastic and royal importance of this corner of the country. Just 10 miles from the English border, nestling on the Jed Water, sits the pretty town of Jedburgh, the county seat of old Roxburghshire and the perfect place from which to explore the unique history and culture of the area.

Scotland’s Insider Guide to Ullapool Historic highlights Originally known as Jethart — a name still used locally — Jedburgh gained prominence after the founding of the abbey in King Malcolm IV died there in Over the years the main industries have included textiles, tanning and glove-making.

High quality Addison Montgomery inspired Postcards by independent artists and designers from around the world. Unique artwork for posting words of wisdom or decorating your wall, fridge or office. Salmon Scrubs Postcards. $ MENTALLY DATING ALEX KAREV Postcards. $ MENTALLY DATING MARK SLOAN Postcards.

History[ edit ] Pre-colonial native populations[ edit ] Before colonial settlement, the Upper Connecticut River Valley was home to the Pennacook and Western Abenaki Sokoki peoples, later merging with members of other Algonquin tribes displaced by the wars and famines that accompanied the European settling of the region. The oldest dates recorded from evidence gathered during excavations in were to AD Although first settled in by Moses Spafford and David Lynde, many of the proprietors arrived in , with a large number from Farmington , Hebron and Colchester , Connecticut.

The undulating surface of rich, gravelly loam made agriculture an early occupation. Samuel Ashley, who was given a charter to establish a ferry across the Connecticut River in , the location of which is still known as Ashley’s Ferry landing. Spafford was also the first man to marry in Claremont, and his son, Elijah, was the first white child to be born in the town.

The Union Episcopal Church in West Claremont was built in , and is the oldest surviving Episcopal church building in New Hampshire and the state’s oldest surviving building built exclusively for religious purposes. The parish was organized in and chartered by the New Hampshire legislature in as Union Church Parish. Mary’s Church in the Lower Village District. Benjamin Tyler, who arrived in the area from Farmington, Connecticut , in the spring of Tyler also invented the wry-fly water wheel, which was the subject of the Supreme Court case Tyler v.

Principal products were cotton and woolen textiles , lathes and planers , and paper. In , businesses in Claremont included Monadnock Mills , manufacturing cotton cloths from one to three yards wide, Marseilles quilts, union flannels, and lumber, and employing males and females; Home Mill A.

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Home Historical Visual Materials Collections: Home This guide lists a variety of research materials such as photographs, architectural plans, postcards, historical maps, artwork and ephemera. Most of the items relate to various aspects of the Pacific Northwest, its history, geography, arts, and industries. They cover a wide variety of topics including travel and family life, activities and research related to the UW, industries such as plywood manufacturing, logging, fishing, whaling, and construction, political figures, civil rights and labor, and other documentation of the Pacific Northwest and Alaska.

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Traditional postcards still have a market and sell like hotcakes, says Steve Johnson, Studio Mr Johnson worked as a sales rep for Cornwall and Devon at J. Salmon, the Kent-based family-run.

You could go bicycling , but to go out canoeing was the thing. Most boaters accessorized them with pillows, lanterns, and picnicking supplies. Some even customized their canoes with built-in phonographs —floating boom-boxes for the paddle set. Or she might read poetry to him. In the lower left-hand corner, two boaters take advantage of canoe luxuries like reclining seats and phonograph music. The resulting canoe had cedar decks and an oak hull, and at 15 feet long was just short enough to fit into a train car.

To help publicize the freedoms of solo canoe travel, MacGregor chose popular routes through central Europe, like the Danube River, where he experimented with his new craft and discussed its merits with locals. The following year, he published a book about his experiences, espousing the many virtues of travel by canoe. The concept of canoes as recreational vehicles was cemented. Regattas and informal competitions spread throughout the 19th century, and a centrally organized sporting group, the American Canoe Association, was founded in Image courtesy Benson Gray.

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Postcards of the Past – Vintage Postcards of Fish Dating salmon postcards, blog archive All the postcards in this series were by the artist C. Hop Pickers at Work. When he takes a holiday, Charles’s family keeps him firmly away from the postcard racks. Unfortunately I have never come across this postcard or any like it.

Dating, Bufflehead Style. ingrid T+ Postcards from a Freegan Raccoon. Gallery Postcards from a Freegan Raccoon oakland owls pacific northwest parks pelicans photography pigeons pollution puget sound Raptors rescue and rehabilitation salmon seattle sf bay area shorebirds snow geese terns urban wildlife washington.

High Street in the s or early 30s. This postcard was posted in Some great old motor cars too. This one dates from the early 20th Century. From the reverse of the card – “High Street is full of associations of the Bard of Avon. On the right is Harvard House, a beautiful piece of architecture of the sixteenth century. A postcard from

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